2017 Speaker Subject
8 FebruaryBrian HARRIS
Lives on the South Coast of NSW and is the co-ordinator of the social media strategy into local historical societies and is leading the development of  curriculum to meet local history strands of the History component of the Australian Curriculum..
The importance of Oral History
8 March Joy MURRIN
Techniques for researching NSW online resources
12 April Susan KENNEDY
Archivist at City of Sydney Archives
City Archives - what is available
10 May Workshop
Orientation of Family History and Local Studies Libraries
14 June Lillian MAGILL
President of Bankstown FH Group who visited RootsTech, Utah in February
RootsTech and what she has learned
12 July Some Interesting Ancestors
Members relating  stories found through research about a particular ancestor.
9 August Show & Tell
Selected members to bring an heirloom to talk about
13 SeptemberJean CAMPBELL from Botany Bay Family History GroupMind Mapping for Family History.
Revealing how details of your ancestor's lives can become clearer by focusing on individuals in your family tree.
11 OctoberAGM
8 NovemberTBA

13 DecemberChristmas morning tea